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About Me


Peace Beautiful Educator! 

I'm super excited that you are here! 


My name is Sister Malikah. I am an educator and stay-at-home mother of 5 amazing boys. Yes, 5! They come with lots of energy. I have had experience as both an in-school educator and an in-home educator, and now virtual educator. My passion for learning and teaching has lead me to share what I have found and what I have learned along the way, by providing resources and thoughtful activities.

The thought to launch Loads of Learning literally came to me in the middle of the night as I was lesson planning, trying to figure how I was going to homeschool again with 5 boys. I am not new to homeschooling, but I have not done it in 3 years because I was in the class room setting. Though I never stopped teaching, I feel like I am back in unknown territory in my own home. Homeschool is not for the "weak" or the for the "week", it never ends. There's always learning being done at home so sometimes it leaves us moms overwhelmed and underwhelming. 

As I was thinking of what to do, I found myself glad for having the resources that I have gained over the years and the lessons I learned from fellow teachers along the way. To have a community that understands you and helps you is so important. These lessons and resources kept me sane, so even when I didn't know quite what I was doing, or if I felt overwhelmed I had something to reach out to. So Loads Of Learning came to mind,"LOL". We know that acronym all too well, but in homeschool this takes on a different meaning. LOL to keep from crying. Whenever you feel the homeschooling pressure, the nagging feeling of not giving your children enough and need to reach out for some assistance, I want you to think, "LOL"... Cheesy? I know, but it gets that difficult at times so that's why I'm deciding to share my resources, lessons, and methods that I have learned and provide help. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

- Sister Malikah 

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