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My Top 5 Life Saving Websites For Homeschool

These sites offer tons of resources and content that save my day.

When I first started teaching, I was a SAHM with my first son, Khairi. I didn't know where to start and I didn't know what to use. I thought that everything I taught him with, had to be made from me so I started off writing or drawing out everything. Naturally, I reached burn out super early. I didn't know that you don't have to make all your own worksheets, or write out all of your equations inside of a composition notebook. The internet has TONS of resources to assist in the learning process. I take pride in saying that I taught my sons to read using all of my own work -- my own worksheets, my own drawings, and even my own songs-- but I was really doing myself a disservice by not utilizing the internet.

Being a homeschooler takes doesn't mean that all of your work has to be done and made, or even taught by you. Yes, your child can be homeschooled and and taught by someone else. But I will address that on another day. The point is, you don't have to do it all! There is a huge community of educators online, in school teachers and homeschooling parents alike, all helping each other get through it easier. The beauty of it is that teaching methods are like finger prints; they are unique to each teacher. Even if we all used the same lesson plans, worksheets, or curriculums, you will still make that lesson special in your own way. You will add your little spice to the recipe.

Here I have put together my favorite sites for teaching resources. These helped me get through many days. The days when I had a long or busy weekend and didn't make my own worksheets, the days when I was done with a lesson but didn't quite know what to teach next, and those days where I needed something to print fast to keep my running toddler busy. Remember, you can be supermom without doing it all! Enjoy!

When I say resources... I mean resources! So useful! Every subject is covered, including art and also Islam. There is so much that is provided in this link. I've been using it for 8+ years and still have not used everything in it. Most of the content completely is free so be sure to donate to them if you can.

An online market place where teachers share and sell their resources. Everything is on there; worksheets, workbooks, lesson plans, and even complete curriculum. Though many resources you have to pay for (which is totally worth it), there are TONS of resources that are free.

Thousands of digital and printable learning resources from worksheets and online games to lesson plans and more. My favorite is the lesson plans. It's all written out from start to finish of exactly what to say and the amount of time for each portion of the lesson. If you want a full 45min lesson to fill the day, this site is perfect to find one.

I love this site! She is a SAHM with a passion for literacy. She has everything you need for teaching your child how to read. Starting from letter recognition up reading comprehension. It has great freebies and ideas for activities. Everyone who knows me that I am in love with literacy, so this site would easily be my number one favorite for early readers.

Another SAHM ran site. About 90% of her site is FREE! Lots os worksheets, booklets, and creative activities. It covers all the subjects. This is a great site for the early ages up to about 2nd grade.

Remember that teaching is not a race so don't worry too much about being swift. Focus on being effective and the swiftness will happen.


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